Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is made from pulverized refined cotton, alkalized with sodium hydroxide (liquid caustic soda) solution, etherified with methyl chloride and propylene oxide, then neutralized, obtained after filtering, drying, crushing and sieving.

Appearance white powder
Particle size 100% passed 80 mesh min
Loss on drying %   ≤6.0
PH Value 6-8
Dosage 3-6‰

This product is industrial grade HPMC,mainly used as the dispersing agent for PVC production and as the main assistant used in producing PVC suspension polymerization,lt is also used as thickener ,stabilizer,emulsifier ,excipient,water retention agent,and film-forming agent etc. in producing petrochemicals, building materials,paint removers, agricultural chemicals,inks, 

textiles,ceramics,paper ,cosmetics and other products. In terms of the application in synthetic resin,it can make the products loose with regular particles,appropriate apparent gravity and good processing properties,which almost replaces gelatin and polyvinyl alcohol as dispersant.Another use is in the construction process industries,mainly for mechanized construction like building walls,stuccoing and caulking;with high adhesive strength,it can also reduce cement dosage,especially in decorative construction for pasting tiles,marble and plastic trim.When used as a thickener in the coatings industry,it can make coating shining and delicate,prevent power from alling off,and improve leveling properties.When used in wall plaster,gypsum paste,caulking gypsum,and waterproof putty,its water retention and bonding strength will be significantly improved.Moreover,it can also be used in areas like functional ceramics,metallurgy,seed coating agents,water-based inks ,cosmetics ,electronics,printing and dyeing,paper etc.

During the preparation of various formula systems for this product, the Taixu technical team can provide technical consultation, technical tracking and long- term optimization of the formula system.


Post time: Jun-22-2022