• Xanthan Gum (XC Polymer)

    Xanthan Gum (XC Polymer)

    Xanthan gum with unique rheological property, good water solubility, on the thermal stability and acid and alkali, and a variety of salts has good compatibility, as thickener, suspending agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, can be widely used in food, oil, medicine and so on more than 20 industries, is currently the world's largest production and has a wide range of USES of microbial polysaccharides.
    Oil drilling xanthan gum is a kind of efficient, high -quality, environmentally friendly oil drilling mud additives, using range is wide, the temperature, acid, alkali, salt, with a strong tolerance, can improve the ability of suspended solid matter and permeability of the slurry, reduce the pressure in the process of drilling, stabilize borehole wall, reduce the damage to the reservoir, improve the efficiency of drilling, workover, well completion work. It has a good mud additive which is stable for a long time in saturated brine and temperature of 85.Therefore, it is an ideal oil displacement agent for high temperature and high salt oil fields.Xanthan gum is currently the international set of thickening, suspension, emulsification, stability in one.The most superior bioadhesive.