• Sodium Lignosulphonate

    Sodium Lignosulphonate

    Sodium lignosulfonate is a bamboo pulping process, which is enriched and modified by spraying and drying. Products for light yellow (brown) free flow of powder, soluble in water, stable chemical properties, long-term sealed storage does not decompose. The Lignin series is a kind of surfactant, can be modified, processing, and other methods to produce a number of products, mainly used in resins, rubber, dyes, pesticides, ceramics, cement, asphalt, feed, water treatment, coal slurry, concrete, refractory, oil drilling, compound fertilizer, smelting, casting, adhesives. It is proved by experiments that lignosulfonate can prevent sandy soil from being very effective and also be used as a sand fixing agent. Main performance:

    1, Concrete Water reducer: The Department of Low gas-induced slow condensate water reducer, belong to anionic surfactant, adsorption and dispersion of cement, can improve the physical properties of concrete. Reduce water consumption more than 13%, improve the workability of concrete, and can greatly reduce the hydration heat of the initial hydration of cement, can be combined into early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent, and Naphthalene series Superplasticizer compound after the liquid admixture produced basically no precipitation.

    2, coal water slurry additive: In the preparation of coal water slurry process to add this product, it can improve the output of the high mill, maintain the pulping system, reduce the power consumption of the pulping, make the coal slurry increase the concentration, in the process of gasification, the oxygen consumption, the coal consumption decreases, the cooling gas efficiency is improved, and the coal water slurry can reduce the viscosity and achieve certain stability and fluidity.

    3, refractories and ceramic body enhancer: In the large size of the wall and floor tiles and refractory brick manufacturing process, can make the body material particles firmly bonded, can make dry billet strength increased by 20%-60%.

    4.Fillers and dispersants for dye industry and pesticide processing: when used as dispersants and fillers for VAT dyes and disperse dyes, the dye can be increased, the coloring more uniform, shorten the time of dye grinding, in the pesticide processing can be used as filler, dispersant and suspension agent, greatly improve the wet powder suspension rate and wetting performance.

    5, as powder and granular materials binder: It is used for pressing balls of iron ore powder, lead-zinc ore powder, pulverized coal, coke powder, cast iron, cast steel sand type, mud brick wall floor tile and so on, which has high strength, good stability and good lubrication mould.

    6, in the drilling as a dilution dispersant, viscosity-reducing agent, improve the flow of crude oil transportation, reduce energy consumption. In petroleum products, as a clean agent, dispersant, high alkaline additives, rust inhibitor, antistatic agent, emulsifying viscosity-reducing agent, wax-removing agent and so on.