Some people assert that countries should focus exclusively on developing economy soas toeliminate poverty, whereas other believe that the development leads to environmentalproblems and therefore should be suspended. It looks to me that it is only a question ofdifferent emphasis: both views have their justifications depending on the need ofdifferentcountries.

On the one hand, it does make sense that impoverished countries should prioritize the boomin the economy over its implications on the ecosystem. From the perspective of the advocatesof this, the very problem that exhaust these nations is not the habitat of flora and fauna butthe backward economy, whether these be low productivity in farming, insufficient investmentin infrastructures, or the millions of deaths due to hunger and diseases. Considering thisstimulating economic growth is crowned to be of paramount importance in providing the fundsto tackle these problems. One convincing example is China, where the roaring economic riseduring the past half century has witnessed a dramatic decrease in its poor population and theelimination of famines.
While the argument has its role to play in less developed regions, it is not justified enough tosilence those
environmentalists protesting in the streets in industrialized countries, who havealready experienced the detrimental ramifications coupled with the economic rewards. InAmerica, for example, it is the popularity of private cars that has become the major culprit forthe increase of carbon dioxide. Also, the cost to address the pernicious impacts of someindustrial projects might overwhelmingly outweigh their contribution to the tax system,considering the long-term soil erosion and contamination of river due to the hazardouspollution-this concern from an economic perspective also begets the claim that theflourishment should not be at the sacrifice of environment.
In conclusion, each statement has its justification from certain perspective, I would say thatemerging economies could draw lessons from the industrialized countries in their experiencesin dealing with the relationship between development and ecological system, and thereforeinitiate a more comprehensive strategy that meet their demand.


Post time: May-22-2020